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dc.identifier.govdocCE103.R1, CE103.R2, CE103.R3, CE103.R4, CE103.R5, CE103.R6, CE103.R7, CE103.R8, CE103.R9, CE103.R10, CE103.R11, CE103.R12, CE103.R13, CE103.R14, CE103.R15, CE103.R16, CE103.R17, CE103.R18
dc.description.tableofcontentsCE103.R1: collection of quota contributions | CE103.R2: interim financial report of the Director for the year 1988 | CE103.R3: women, health and development | CE103.R4: proposed program budget of the PAHO for the biennium 1990-1991 | CE103.R5: PAHO award for administration, 1989 | CE103.R6: Review of the list of Inter-American Non-governmental Organizations in official relations with PAHO | CE103.R7: amendments to the staff rules of the PASB | CE103.R8: health and development impact of the economic crisis | CE103.R9: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in the Americas | CE103.R10: expanded program of immunization and the plan of action for the eradication of indigenous transmission of wild poliovirus from the Americas by 1990 | CE103.R11: regional plan of action for prevention and control of the use of tobacco | CE103.R12: blindness prevention in the Americas | CE103.R13: official seal of the PAHO | CE103.R14: analysis of PAHO's fellowship program | CE103.R15: malaria control | CE103.R16: hiring under local conditions of employment for the mobilization of national resources | CE103.R17: fondo de la OPS para bienes inmuebles y mantenimiento y reparación de los edificios de propiedad de la OPS | CE103.R18: provisional agenda of the XXXIV Meeting of the Directing Council of PAHO, XLI meeting of the Regional Committee of WHO for the Americas.en_US
dc.subjectPAHO Executive Committeeen_US
dc.subjectHealth Organizationsen_US
dc.subjectLatin Americaen_US
dc.subjectPAHO Directing Councilen_US
dc.subjectPan American Health Organizationen_US
dc.titleResolutions of the 103rd Session of the Executive Committee (CE103)en_US
dc.typeGoverning Bodies documentsen_US
dc.rights.holderPan American Health Organizationen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenamePan American Health Organizationen_US
paho.publisher.countryUnited Statesen_US
paho.publisher.cityWashington, D.C.en_US

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