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dc.identifier.govdocCSP14.R1, CSP14.R2, CSP14.R3, CSP14.R4, CSP14.R5, CSP14.R6, CSP14.R7, CSP14.R8, CSP14.R9, CSP14.R10, CSP14.R11, CSP14.R12, CSP14.R13, CSP14.R14, CSP14.R15, CSP14.R16, CSP14.R17, CSP14.R18, CSP14.R19, CSP14.R20, CSP14.R21, CSP14.R22, CSP14.R23, CSP14.R24, CSP14.R25, CSP14.R26, CSP14.R27, CSP14.R28, CSP14.R29, CSP14.R30, CSP14.R31, CSP14.R32, CSP14.R33, CSP14.R34, CSP14.R35, CSP14.R36, CSP14.R37, CSP14.R38, CSP14.R39, CSP14.R40, CSP14.R41, CSP14.R42, CSP14.R43, CSP14.R44
dc.description.tableofcontentsCSP14.R1: Annual report of the Chairman of the Executive Committee | CSP14.R2: Reports of the Director of the PASB | CSP14.R3: Financial report of the Director and report of the External Auditor for 1953 | CSP14.R4: Report of the permanent subcommittee on buildings and installations | CSP14.R5: Revision of the staff rules of the PASB | CSP14.R6: Working capital fund | CSP14.R7: Reimbursement of travel expenses of representatives to Regional Committee meetings | CSP14.R8: Expenditure from the emergency revolving fund in connection with a flood disaster in a member country | CSP14.R9: Financial participation of France, the Netherlands, and the UK in the budget of the PASO | CSP14.R10: Status of the collection of quota contributions | CSP14.R11: Proposed program and budget of the PASB for 1955 | CSP14.R12: Budget appropriation | CSP14.R13: Utilization of surplus funds from 1953 | CSP14.R14: Election of the Director of the PASB and nomination of the Regional Director of the WHO for the Americas | CSP14.R15: Election of two member countries fo fill the vancies in the Executive Committee | CSP14.R16: Statistics required in health programs | CSP14.R17: Population statistics | CSP14.R18: Vital statistics | CSP14.R19: Morbidity statistics | CSP14.R20: Statistics on resources and services | CSP14.R21: Socio-economic statistics related to health | CSP14.R22: Statistical services in health administration | CSP14.R23: Dissemination and teaching of statistics applied to health | CSP14.R24: Summary of reports of the member States for 1954-57 | CSP14.R25: Methods of improving the reliability of raw statistical data required for health programs | CSP14.R26: Application of health education methods in rural areas in Latin America | CSP14.R27: Control of infant diarrhea | CSP14.R28: Relations between the PASO and non-governmental organizations | CSP14.R29: Program and budget of the WHO for the region of the Americas, and summary of the proposed program and budget of the PASB, 1956 | CSP14.R30: Modifications to the 1955 program and budget of the WHO for the Americas | CSP14.R31: Functions of the Executive Committee in the preparation of the PSC | CSP14.R32: Future form of presentation of the proposed program and budget of the PASB | CSP14.R33: Stipends paid to recipients of fellowships from the PASB | CSP14.R34: Program of economies and decentralization of the PASB | CSP14.R35: Selection of topics for technical discussions during the VIII meeting of the Directing Council | CSP14.R36: Inter-American Congress of Public Health | CSP14.R37: Environmental sanitation | CSP14.R38: Place and date of the XV PSC | CSP14.R39: Policy on accepting amendments to the Constitution of the PASO | CSP14.R40: Constitution of the Pan American Sanitary Organization | CSP14.R41: Treponematoses  | CSP14.R42: Eradication of malaria in the Americas | CSP14.R43: Utilization of funds for the intensification of antimalaria activities | CSP14.R44: Votes of thanks en_US
dc.subjectPan American Sanitary Conferenceen_US
dc.subjectTreponemal Infectionsen_US
dc.subjectEnvironmental Salubrityen_US
dc.titleResolutions of the 14th Pan American Sanitary Conference (CSP14)en_US
dc.typeGoverning Bodies documentsen_US
dc.rights.holderPan American Health Organizationen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenamePan American Health Organizationen_US

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