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dc.identifier.govdocCSP9.R1, CSP9.R2, CSP9.R3, CSP9.R4, CSP9.R5, CSP9.R6, CSP9.R7, CSP9.R8, CSP9.R9, CSP9.R10, CSP9.R11, CSP9.R12, CSP9.R13, CSP9.R14, CSP9.R15, CSP9.R16, CSP9.R17, CSP9.R18, CSP9.R19, CSP9.R20, CSP9.R21, CSP9.R22, CSP9.R23, CSP9.R24, CSP9.R25, CSP9.R26, CSP9.R27, CSP9.R28, CSP9.R29, CSP9.R30, CSP9.R31, CSP9.R32, CSP9.R33, CSP9.R34, CSP9.R35, CSP9.R36, CSP9.R37, CSP9.R38, CSP9.R39, CSP9.R40, CSP9.R41, CSP9.R42, CSP9.R43, CSP9.R44, CSP9.R45
dc.description.tableofcontentsCSP9.R1: Pan American Sanitary Code: art. XVI | CSP9.R2: Aerial navigation | CSP9.R3: Sanitary Convention of Paris | CSP9.R4: Classification of causes of death | CSP9.R5: Public health appropriations | CSP9.R6: Coordination of relief agencies | CSP9.R7: Aerial medical service | CSP9.R8: Typhus and allied fevers | CSP9.R9: Graded promotions | CSP9.R10: Coordination of sanitary activities | CSP9.R11: Pan American scientific institutions | CSP9.R12: Yellow fever  | CSP9.R13: Bloosucking insects | CSP9.R14: Malaria | CSP9.R15: Hookworm disease | CSP9.R16: Rural health units | CSP9.R17: Leprosy | CSP9.R18: Plague | CSP9.R19: Vote of applause to Chile | CSP9.R20: Brucellosis : undulant fever | CSP9.R21: Univaccination against smallpox | CSP9.R22: Snake-bite | CSP9.R23: Life in high altitudes | CSP9.R24: Reporting pregnancy | CSP9.R25: Infant mortality | CSP9.R26: Uruguayan children's welfare code | CSP9.R27: Pre-school care of children | CSP9.R28: School hygiene | CSP9.R29: BCG vaccine | CSP9.R30: Campaign against tuberculosis | CSP9.R31: Campaign against venereal diseases | CSP9.R32: Agreements regarding narcotics | CSP9.R33: Standards for food and drugs | CSP9.R34: Proprietary and patent medicines | CSP9.R35: Pharmacopoeias | CSP9.R36: Campaign against alcohol | CSP9.R37: Composition of foods | CSP9.R38: Milk supplies | CSP9.R39: Public health education | CSP9.R40: Industrial hygiene | CSP9.R41: Commendation of scientific institutions | CSP9.R42: South American Public Health Association | CSP9.R43: Vote of applause to the American Governments | CSP9.R44: Constitution and statutes of the PASB | CSP9.R45: Place and date of the 10th Pan American Sanitary Conference en_US
dc.subjectPan American Sanitary Conferenceen_US
dc.subjectGoverning Boarden_US
dc.subjectYellow Feveren_US
dc.subjectInfant Mortalityen_US
dc.subjectBCG Vaccineen_US
dc.titleResolutions of the 9th Pan American Sanitary Conference (CSP9)en_US
dc.typeGoverning Bodies documentsen_US
dc.rights.holderPan American Health Organizationen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenamePan American Health Organizationen_US
paho.publisher.cityBuenos Airesen_US

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