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dc.contributor.authorPan American Health Organizationen_US
dc.description.abstractIn most societies, the health of young people is not seen as a cause for concern, since they are generally less vulnerable to disease than children or the very old. They do, however, suffer from a range of health problems, often associated with particular patterns of behaviour, such as substance abuse, sexual behaviour, ans risk-taking. In addition, the patterns of behaviour they adopt may well last a lifetime, affecting their future health and that of their children. At the same time, young people often have the enery and creativity to take responsibility for their health and lives, but whether they actually do so is likely to depend largely on the behaviour and attitudes of others. All societies are face with the chalenge to respond to the needs of young people, to help them to make wise choices for the future and to achieve self-esteem through constructive actionpt_BR
dc.description.abstractThis book is intended to help meet this challenge. Besides giving an overview of the current health situation of young people, it discusses the strengths and weaknesses of traditional responses to their needs, and suggests ways in which they can be improved. It is meant as a guide, reference book and stimulus to action for all those responsible for the welfare of young people, including the young themselves, to help them fulfil their promise for the futureen_US
dc.subjectMedicina del Adolescentees_ES
dc.subjectConducta del Adolescentees_ES
dc.subjectPrioridades en Saludes_ES
dc.subjectCooperación Internacionales_ES
dc.subjectCondiciones Socialeses_ES
dc.subjectConducta del Adolescentees_ES
dc.subjectPromoción de la Saludes_ES
dc.subjectTrastornos Relacionados con Sustanciases_ES
dc.subjectMedicina del Adolescentees_ES
dc.subjectGrupos Vulnerableses_ES
dc.subjectAsunción de Riesgoses_ES
dc.subjectEstado de Saludes_ES
dc.subjectEstrategias Mundialeses_ES
dc.titleThe health of young people: A callenge and a promiseen_US
dc.typeJournal articlesen_US
dc.rights.holderPan American Health Organizationen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenameWorld Health Organizationen_US

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