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dc.description.abstractThis document provides evidence for arguments supporting alcohol marketing regulation, and suggests key elements that can be considered by countries in planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating effective regulation. It also provides legislative language that can assist governments in developing or modifying existing laws and implementing monitoring mechanisms. It complements a Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) report from an exploratory meeting on alcohol regulation held in January 2015 and is firmly based in the Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful use of Alcohol of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as the subsequent PAHO Regional Plan of Action, but also the WHO and PAHO plans of action for the prevention and control of Non Communicable Diseases, and PAHO resolutions on Health and Human Rights and the Strategy on Health Related Law. The first draft was produced by PAHO technical staff and presented at a meeting held in July 2016, with experts and representatives from selected Member States. The final document was extensively revised by PAHO staff after the meeting, following suggestions made by participants.en_US
dc.subjectAlcohol Drinkinges_ES
dc.subjectAlcoholic Beverageses_ES
dc.subjectAlcohol Industryes_ES
dc.subjectHealth Care Coordination and Monitoringen_US
dc.subjectHuman Rightsen_US
dc.subjectPublic Health Policyen_US
dc.titleTechnical note: Background on alcohol marketing regulation and monitoring for the protection of public healthen_US
dc.rights.holderPan American Health Organizationen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenamePan American Health Organizationen_US
paho.publisher.countryUnited Stateses_ES
paho.publisher.cityWashington, D.Ces_ES
paho.subjectCat 2. Noncommunicable Diseases and Risk Factorsen_US

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