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dc.description.abstractCertain countries in Latin America have established a policy for reducing population growth and others are about to take a decision one way or the other on this important matter. Consequently it is important to delimit the participation of the health sector in the population policy freely established by the Governments. Three principles are basic to the development of that participation: (1) the couple must be absolsutely free to request advice and to apply it in planning the number of children they wish; (2) the government must decide on the kind and type of information that will be made available when advice is requested as well as the facilities for applying it; (3) family planning, in accordance with the resolutions of WHO and PAHO, must be organized as an integral part of health services, in particular maternal and child health servicesen_US
dc.description.abstractThe specific content of the program in countries which have established population policies will vary according to time, place, and population. As a rule, a broad policy has three major components: services, education, and researchen_US
dc.description.abstractWhen the population policy of a government so indicates, the educational activities that form part of a maternal and child health program and family planning program can be aimed at the community as a whole. Nevertheless, the Declaration of the Presidents of the Americas designated the family as the focal point on which all ...(AU)en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesBoletín de la Oficina Sanitaria Panamericana (OSP);66(1),ene. 1969es_ES
dc.subjectOrganização Pan-Americana da Saúdept_BR
dc.subjectConselho Diretor da OPASes_ES
dc.subjectPolítica Demográficaes_ES
dc.subjectAmérica Centrales_ES
dc.subjectAmérica do Sulpt_BR
dc.subjectAmérica do Nortept_BR
dc.subjectAmérica Latinaes_ES
dc.titleParticipación del sector salud en la política de población : Discusiones técnicases_ES
dc.title.alternativeParticipation of the Health Sector in Population Policyen_US
dc.typeJournal articlesen_US
dc.rights.holderPan American Health Organizationen_US

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