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dc.description.abstract[Overview]. During 2014, PAHO continued its leadership role in technical cooperation in the Region of the Americas by: providing leadership on matters critical to health and engaging in partnerships; stimulating the generation, dissemination and application of valuable knowledge; setting norms and standards and promoting their implementation; articulating ethical and evidence-based policy options; catalyzing change and building sustainable institutional capacity; and, monitoring and assessing trends of the health situation in the Region. In this regard, the Organization engaged in raising advocacy and awareness, and resource mobilization to address the regional collective public health priorities as set forth in the PAHO Strategic Plan and the Health Agenda for the Americas 2008-2017, while addressing the global health priorities as set out in the WHO Global Programme of Work. In 2014, PAHO contributed to the enhanced positioning of health priorities on the political agenda at the country, subregional and regional levels through opportunities provided by official visits to Member States, meetings with United Nations Representatives, sub-regional integration leaders and leaders at the Ibero-American Summit, as well as by supporting and attending epidemiological issues happening in the Region. Key achievements include: • The Strategy on Universal Access to Health and Universal Health Coverage (UHC) was unanimously approved by PAHO Member States. A roadmap for the political and strategic positioning of UHC, both regionally and globally, has been developed. • In support of WHO’s efforts to address the Ebola crisis, the Director of PAHO activated the PAHO Emergency Operations Centre and initiated the first ever formal implementation of the Incident Management System. PAHO, the IDB and the OAS signed an agreement to establish a disease outbreak trust fund to support Ebola preparedness efforts in the Region, and funds were mobilized from the Latin American Development Bank (CAF) and the Government of Brazil. • PAHO’s leadership and multi-sectoral collaboration on the Cholera Elimination Initiative in Haiti resulted in a pledge of $50 million from the World Bank in support of sanitation interventions in rural Haitian communities. • Successful price negotiations on HPV vaccines created opportunities for improved access for Member States...en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesOfficial Document;349
dc.subjectFinancial Managementes_ES
dc.subjectFinancial Audites_ES
dc.subjectTechnical Cooperationes_ES
dc.subjectConsejo Directivo de la OPSes_ES
dc.titleFinancial Report of the Director and Report of the External Auditor. 1 January 2014 – 31 December 2014en_US
dc.title.alternativeInforme Financiero del Director e Informe Del Auditor Externo. 1 de enero del 2014 - 31 de diciembre del 2014es_ES
dc.typeOfficial Documentes_ES
dc.typeGoverning Bodies documentses_ES
dc.rights.holderPan American Health Organizationen_US
dc.contributor.corporatenameOrganización Panamericana de la Saludes_ES
paho.publisher.countryUnited Stateses_ES
paho.publisher.cityWashington, D.Ces_ES
paho.subjectCat 6. Corporate Services/Enabling Functionses_ES

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