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    • Zika virus outbreak in 19 English- and Dutch-speaking Caribbean countries and territories, 2015–2016 

      Francis, Lorraine; Hunte, Shelly-Ann; Valadere, Ann Marie; Polson-Edwards, Karen; Asin-Oostburg, Virginia; Hospedales, C. James (2018-09)
      [ABSTRACT]. Surveillance for Zika virus was enhanced in the English- and Dutch-speaking Caribbean following emergence of the virus in Brazil in May 2015. The first autochthonous case of Zika in the Caribbean was reported ...
    • Epidemiology of human leptospirosis in Saint Lucia, 2010–2017 

      Chery, Gemma; Francis, Lorraine; Hunte, Shelly-Ann; Leon, Phil (2020-11-24)
      [ABSTRACT]. Objective. To describe the epidemiology of human leptospirosis cases in Saint Lucia from 2010 to 2017 and determine whether there was a relationship between cases and rainfall and temperature. Methods. A ...