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    • Evolution towards the elimination of congenital syphilis in Latin America and the Caribbean: a multicountry analysis 

      Silveira, Mariangela F.; Gomez Ponce de Leon, Rodolfo; Becerra, Francisco; Serruya, Suzanne J. (2019-03)
      [ABSTRACT]. Objective. Effective and low-cost interventions for preventing the vertical transmission of syphilis can substantially reduce mortality and morbidity related to maternal and congenital syphilis. This study aims ...
    • COVID-19 and newborn health: systematic review 

      Duran, Pablo; Berman, Stephen; Niermeyer, Susan; Jaenisch, Thomas; Forster, Thais; Gomez Ponce de Leon, Rodolfo; De Mucio, Bremen; Serruya, Suzanne (2020-04)
      [Abstract]. Objective. To describe perinatal and neonatal outcomes in newborns exposed to SARS-CoV-2. Methods. A systematic review was conducted by searching PubMed Central, LILACS, and Google Scholar using the keywords ...