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    • Considerations for conducting epidemiologic case-control studies of cancer in developing countries 

      Brinton, Louise A; Herrero, Rolando; Brenes, María M; Moltalván, Patricia; Guardia, María Elena de la; Avila, Angelica; Domínguez, Irma Lucía; Basurto, Erich; Reeves, William C (1991)
      The challenges involved in conducting epidemiologic studies of cancer in developing countries can be and often are unique. This article reports on our experience in performing a case-control study of invasive cervical ...
    • Waterborne cholera in Riohacha, Colombia, 1992 

      Cárdenas Ayala, Victor Manuel; Saad, Cecilia; Varona, Marcela; Linero, Martha (1993)
      Between 1 January and 31 July 1992 a cholera epidemic caused 548 reported cases (an incidence of about 8 cases per 1 000 inhabitants) in Riohacha, Colombia. Following an initial review of hospital and laboratory data, a ...
    • Risk factor analysis of peri-neonatal mortality in rural Guatemala 

      Schieber, Bárbara; O'Rourke, Kathkeen; Rodríguez, Carmen; Bartlett, Alfred (1994)
      Peri-neonatal mortality is a serious health problem in Guatemala, especially in rural areas where most deliveries occur at home and are overseen by traditional birth attendants (TBAs) who function in the role of midwives. ...
    • Dietary factors in epidemic neuropathy on the Isle of Youth, Cuba 

      Gay, John; Porrata, Carmen; Hernández, Manuel; Clúa, Ana M; Arguelles, José M; Cabrera, Alejandrina; Silva, Luis C (1995)
      An epidemic neuropathy that broke out in late 1991 has exhibited clinical manifestations similar to those of other polyneuropathies of nutritional origin. To investigate its possible association with diet, a study was ...
    • Neonatal tetanus mortality in Veracruz, Mexico, 1989 

      Cárdenas Ayala, Víctor Manuel; Nuñez Urquiza, Rosa María; Brogan, Donna R; Ibarra Rosales, Jorge M; Gatica Valdés, Noé; Smith, Terrence E; Galván Arriaga, Salvador; Flores Collins, María Estrella; Escobar Mesa, Alejandro (1995)
      This article describes a survey conducted in the State of Veracruz, Mexico, to estimate neonatal tetanus (NNT) mortality. The survey, which entailed visits to 72 720 households, collected data on 8 401 live births and 209 ...
    • Protective efficacy of BCG against leprosy in Sao Paulo 

      Lombardi, Clovis; Silva Pedrazzani, Elisete; Pedrazzani, Joao Carlos; Ferreira Filho, Pedro; Zicker, Fabio (1996)
      The case-control study reported here evaluated the protective effect of BCG vacine against leprosy in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Seventy-eight patients under age 16 who had been diagnosed as having leprosy (cases) and 385 healthy ...
    • A case-control study of tobacco-related cancers in Colombia 

      Restrepo, Helena Espinosa de; Correa, Pelayo; Haenszel, William; Brinton, Louise A; Franco, Argemiro (s.d.)