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    • El problema de la tuberculosis en las Américas 

      Villas Bãs, Aldo (s.d.)
      There are 85,000,000 infected persons and 1,250,000 active cases of tuberculosis in Latin America. In the United States there are about 30 million infected persons, and each year the disease is reactivated in thousands of ...
    • Beneficios obtenidos con la inmunización antisarampionosa 

      Axnick, Norman W; Shavell, Steven M; Witte, John J (s.d.)
      The immunization effort against measles in the United States was initiated in 1963. It has resulted in a sharp decrease in incidence of the disease -from 4 million cases in 1963 to one quarter of a million cases in 1968- ...
    • El programa de nutrición aplicada, base del plan nacional de nutrición 

      Rueda Williamson, Roberto (s.d.)
      The sucess of the national food and nutrition program of Colombia is due to a number of factors, including the following:
    • Progresos realizados en la detección del cáncer del cuello uterino en los Estados Unidos 

      Ross, William L (s.d.)
      In the United States three national surveys made in 1961, 1963 and 1966, respectively, showed that the number of uterine cytology tests had risen from 5,422,827, in 1961, to 15,732,973, in 1966, an increase of 190 percent. ...
    • La experiencia con la influenza de Hong Kong en Zonas Tropicales 

      Buescher, E.L; Smith, T.H; Zachary, I.H (s.d.)
      Following the introduction of A2/Hong Kong/68 influenza virus into 2 different susceptible populations residing in Thailand and the Panama Cnal Zone, epidemic disease occurred within approximately 1 month. The estabishment ...
    • La estomatitis vesicular como zoonosis 

      Pérez Chaverri, Edwin (s.d.)
      Vesicular stomatitis -a virus disease affecting cattle, hogs and horses in particular- has begun to attract the attention of interested agencies and individuals because of the frequency with which this disease is being ...