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    • La microtécnica de hemaglutinación para el diagnóstico retrospectivo de la peste humana en Zonas Rurales del Brasil 

      Mello, Milton Thiago de; Mello, Angela M. de; Paracampo, Helio (1967)
      The reactivation of foci of human bubonic plague in the endemic areas of Brazil during the period 1964-1966 led to checking the usefulness of the hemagglutination microtechnique test in diagnosing the disease in rural areas ...
    • El programa funcional del hospital 

      Dávila, C (1967)
    • Nuevos conceptos acerca de la epidemiología del tifus 

      Philip, Cornelius B; Imam, Imam Z. E (s.d.)
      The classic conception of the man-louse-man cycle of typhus fever was expanded in the early 1930's to separate the flea-borne (murine) form; it was later demonstrated that the epidemic form could recrudesce, often years ...
    • El hospital moderno como servicio de salud 

      Bravo, Alfredo L (s.d.)
      The First Regional Hospital Conference held in Bogotá, Colombia, 30 October-4 November 1966, received the strong support of the Pan American Health Organization because the agency considered it a beginning of the movement ...
    • Las vacunas antirrábicas del presente y del futuro 

      Koprowski, Hilary (s.d.)
      Currently available antirabies vaccines prepared from either animal brains or embryonated eggs have the unavoidable disadvantage of products prepared in vivo; the bulk of antigenic material in the vaccine is not viral but ...
    • Adiestramiento de administradores de hospitales y programas de salud 

      Bravo, Alfredo L; Enríquez F., Hugo (s.d.)
      Outstanding among the public health problems in Latin America are personnel shortages and obsolete administration and organization of health services
    • La peste en Ecuador de 1908 a 1965 

      Jervis, Oswaldo (s.d.)
      The evolution of plague in Ecuador may be divided into the following three periods: the first, dating from 1908 to 1939, represents the time when the largest epidemic outbreaks occurred and both morbidity and mortality ...
    • El programa funcional del hospital 

      Dávila, Carlos (s.d.)
      In establishing the objectives of a functional hospital plan, consideration must be given to the size and resources of the community to be served. The hospital should be regarded as a comprehensive medical care service to ...