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    • Bioethics 

      Macedo, Carlyle Guerra de (1990)
      Available in Spanish in Bol. Oficina Sanit. Panam 108(5/6), 1990
    • Bioethics: Its philosophical basis and application 

      Sass, Hans-Martin (1990)
      Contemporary medicine involves a lot more than technologies that now permit effective medical intervention where none was possible before. Among other things changes in technology have been accompanied by changes in social ...
    • Current bioethics trends in Canada 

      Dickens, Bernard M (1990)
      Canadian bioethicists have long enjoyed access to bioethics programs in the United States and have collaborated with U.S. organizations working in this field. Nevertheless, special features of Canada's multicultural society ...
    • Ethical principles of biomedical research on human subjects: Their applications in Latin America and the Caribbean 

      Serrano LaVertu, Diana; LinaresParada, Ana María (1990)
      Biomedical research on human subjects involves certain ethical principles, several of which are described in this article. It is also true, however, that application of these principles in real life poses problems, especially ...
    • Background and current status of bioethics in Colombia 

      Sánchez-Torres, Fernando (1990)
      Colombia, in recent decades ha been exposed first-hand to a broad spectrum of important medical advances ranging from organ transplants to techniques for assisting human reproduction. It has also confronted an array of ...
    • The relationship of autonomy and integrity in medical ethics 

      Pellegrino, Edmund D (1990)
      The emergence of autonomy as a sociopolitical, legal, and moral concept has profoundly influenced medical ethics. It has shifted the center of decision-making from the physician to the patient and reoriented the whole ...
    • Justice issues in health care delivery 

      Drane, James F (1990)
      Available in Spanish in Bol. Oficina Sanit. Panam 108(5/6):595-8, 1990
    • Bioethics: Introduction to the special issue 

      Connor, Susan Scholle; Fuenzalida-Puelma, Hernán Luis (1990)
      Available in Spanish in Bol. Oficina Sanit. Panan 108(5/6):369-73, 1990
    • Bioethics: A new health philosophy 

      Mainetti, José Alberto (1990)
      Available in Spanish in Bol. Oficina Sanit. Panam 108(5/6):599-601, 1990
    • Bioethics in Chile: Present and future status 

      Lolas Stepke, Fernando (1990)
      Chile's health system has been evolving rapidly in recent years. Among other things, profit-making enterprises have assumed a growing role, medical care has become increasingly technical, and the importance of less highly ...
    • Dynamics of the bioethics dialogue in a Spain in transition 

      Abel, Francesc (1990)
      Serious work on bioethics at private Spanish institutions began in 1975, when the Spanish Government was in transition toward democracy. Since then the country has developed significant centers of bioethics study and a ...
    • Annotated bibliography 

      Unknown author (1990)
    • Ethical problems of medical technology 

      Vilardell, Francisco (1990)
      The high cost of new diagnostic and treatment technologies means that they have to be used selectively, and at that point decisions must be made about who should get to use them. In recent years there have been increasing ...
    • Bioethics in Peru 

      Llanos Zuloaga, Roberto (1990)
      To date the application of bioethics in Peru has been rudimentary. The discipline has not yet acquired a distinct identity; only a few committees review ethical problems that arise in the course of medical practice, and ...
    • International research codes of ethics : The Nuremberg code 

      Unknown author (1990)
      Rprinted from Trials of War Criminals before the Nuremberg Military Tribunals under Control Council Law No. 10(2):181-82 (U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C)
    • Know well to do good 

      Piwonka de A., M. Angelica; Bustos D., Isabel; Gaete Q., Eliana; Urrutia B., Mila (1990)
      Health care should be entrusted to professionals who have received well-rounded training in the humanitarian as well as the technical aspects of such care. Training of this sort is essential for effective resolution of ...
    • International code of medical ethics 

      Unknown author (1990)
    • Human dying has changed 

      Llano Escobar, Alfonso (1990)
      The act of dying has changed in response to social changes accompanying scientific and technologic progress. Increasingly, at least in the Western world, people are dying withing strange medical establishments without the ...
    • Organ transplantation: The Latin American legislative response 

      Fuenzalida-Puelma, Hernán Luis (1990)
      As medical barriers to human organ transplants have fallen, serious legal and ethical obstacles have emerged. This article provides and overview of those obstacles, taking into account the relevant legislation in force in ...
    • Bioethics: Implications for medical practice and deontologic and legal standards in Brazil 

      Pereira Dias, Hélio (1990)
      This article analyzes moral issues involving professional ethics in Brazil and provides appropriate up-to-date references to Brazil's Code of Deontology (1984), Code of Medical Ethics (1988), and civil and criminal codes. ...