The Scientific Publications Series, which began in the 1950s, in an essential component of PAHO’s publications program. The books in this series promote and facilitate technical cooperation between PAHO and its Member Governments according to established programs. From 2000 changed its name to Scientific and Technical Publications. The series is designed to disseminate knowledge and findings of international interest in science and technology. It includes studies and research results, reports of meetings and technical seminars, handbooks, reference texts, and monographs on issues within the scope of the Organization’s work. Scientific publications are selected according to diverse criteria such as the urgency of the countries’ need for the information, its importance to the Organization’s policies and specific objectives, the quality of the contents, and the usefulness of the text in the context technical cooperation. A book is published in this series only if it fills a specific gap of knowledge, updates information, facilitates understanding of a particular topic, or provides guidelines for important public health situation and issues in the Americas. (Source: PAHO. Catalog/Catalogo 1985-1989. 74 p.)

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