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La integración del sector salud en la planificación del desarrollo

dc.contributor.authorCibotti, Ricardoes
dc.description.abstractIn this article the author deals with three aspects of the integration of the health sector into development planning. First he deals with the financing of Government health services and indicates the conditions under which such financing takes place depending on the situation in the country concerned. He stresses the need to make a thorough study of economic measures since in the long run economic measures determine the possibility of changing those adverse conditionses
dc.description.abstractSecondly, he discusses the problem of the morbilization of resources required for the provision oo f services, emphasizing the advisability of tieing the health sector plan in with the general development plan, special attention being given to the scarcer expansion factors and those which play critical role in the provision of health services according to the "organic nature" of the aggregate of activities in this sectores
dc.description.abstractFinally, he describes the main types of linkage between the health sector and other economic and social sectors and emphasizes our lack of knowledge of the general reciprocal relationships of the health level and the education and housing levelses
dc.description.abstractThe subject is by no means treated exhaustively. Consideration has not been given to the general criteria which should govern the formulation of goals and targets of the health sector nor is the difficult problem of establishing sectoral priorities and of these with ...(AU)es
dc.relation.ispartofseriesBoletín de la Oficina Sanitaria Panamericana (OSP);66(2),feb. 1969es
dc.subjectDesenvolvimento Econômicoes
dc.subjectPlanejamento em Saúdees
dc.subjectEconomia da Saúdees
dc.subjectAmérica Latinaes
dc.titleLa integración del sector salud en la planificación del desarrolloes
dc.title.alternativeIntergration of the health sector into development planninges

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